Savlon Advanced Healing Gel

Savlon Advanced Healing Gel helps soothe the pain of minor wounds and superficial burns. Its hydro-active colloid gel creates optimal healing conditions to support the skin's healing process.

  • Helps soothe pain

  • Promotes faster healing

  • Helps reduce the likelihood of scarring

  • Safe and effective for use on minor wounds, superficial burns and grazes

Product information

Clean and dry the affected area thoroughly, gently apply the gel using clean hands, do not massage. Savlon Advanced Healing Gel can be applied once or twice a day. If required cover the wound with a bandage or plaster. Store in a cool dry place and in original packaging. Do not use on extensive weeping or infected wounds unless recommended by your doctor. If necessary, cover the wounds with a plaster or dressing and change daily. Do not use after the expiry date shown on the end of the tube. If symptoms persist, please consult your GP.

Savlon Advanced Healing Gel’s hydro-active colloid formulation can quickly help soothe the pain of minor wounds. The gel helps create optimal healing conditions, reducing the likelihood of scarring.

Savlon Advanced Healing Gel can be used for dry or wet wound:

• In case of a dry wound Savlon Advanced Healing Gel turns the dry wound into a moist one (“hydrogel” effect). The dry wound absorbs the water contained in Savlon Advanced Healing Gel helping reduce the likelihood of scarring.
• In case of a wet wound, the hydrocolloid of Savlon Advanced Healing Gel is activated and consequently Savlon Advanced Healing Gel absorbs excessive fluid from the wound and restores the water balance in the wound (“hydrocolloid” effect).

Recommended dosage

Apply a small amount to the affected area and repeat the application as required, up to twice a day. For external use only. Avoid contact with the eyes, middle ear, meninges and other nervous tissues. If you experience any side effects or allergic reactions stop using immediately and seek medical advice.


Do not use if you are allergic to any of the ingredients, Savlon Advanced Healing Gel contains purified water, Propylene glycol:humectant, Carbopol: viscosity enhancer, Cross linked CMS: Hydrocolloid particle that swell upon absorption, Tri ethanol amine: PH adjuster. While allergic reactions are rare stop using and seek medical help if you experience: difficulty breathing, swelling of the face, tongue or throat, dizziness, skin irritation or rash.


• For external use.
• Side-effects such as irritations or allergic reactions are rare.
• Do not use Savlon Advanced Healing Gel on the eyelids or in the eyes. If Savlon Advanced Healing Gel comes into contact with the eyes, rinse the eyes with running water and consult a doctor.
• On extensive weeping or infected wounds, consult a doctor before using Savlon Advanced Healing Gel because other complementary treatments might be necessary.
• If the wound becomes swollen, reddened or painful, or doesn’t start to heal within a few days seek medical advice.
• If you are pregnant or breast-feeding, ask a doctor before using Savlon Advanced Healing Gel.
• Savlon Advanced Healing Gel is a sterile single use medical device. Re-use imposes a risk of infection.
• Please do not use in case of known sensitivity to Savlon Advanced Healing Gel or any of its ingredients.

Removing the gel

• Wash hands before and after removing Savlon Advanced Healing Gel.
• Savlon Advanced Healing Gel can be removed simply and painlessly with wet gauze.

Savlon Antiseptic Cream, Savlon Advanced Healing Gel, Savlon Dual Action Gel and Savlon Bites & Stings are strictly for external use only. Always read the label. Savlon Antiseptic Cream for the cleansing and prevention of infection in minor wounds. Savlon Advanced Healing for faster healing and reduced risk of scarring. Savlon Dual Action Gel and Savlon Bites & Stings Gel for insect bites and stings, for 12 + years. For more information please visit